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Be a Part of JT&P

Growth, Knowledge, Ownership, Excellence

Join a close-knit team at JT&P – we laugh, we cry, and we hit big goals in a fast moving environment. We are problem solvers at heart. We take our responsibilities seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. We provide reports, pay the bills, watch the cash, and meet stringent compliance standards – but we also develop solutions that underpin the success of our clients.

We are the accounting and business services advisers for life. Are you one of us?


Simply put, JT&P delivers a total excellence and mastery in accounting and advisory services, with knowledge and skill of the highest level including world’s best practice in administration, support and client care.

This is a core philosophy of JT&P – that we will never settle for ‘good’ because we always aspire to be great. We are a company that always ‘over delivers’. Whether this is in terms of client care or the quality of our accounting services, we always strive to outdo and surpass the industry standard and in turn, set new heights to aspire to.

Our ethics and honesty are sacred and can never be compromised. We deal truthfully and openly with all clients and other stakeholders alike. Out strength is that we relate to every client as an individual in their own right – regardless of age, gender, social status or any other factor.

We all love what we do and approach each day relishing the opportunities and challenges that will arise. Specifically, we are intensely passionate about accounting as a specialist discipline.

We are endowed with and driven by boundless curiosity. Our people are never satisfied with what we know. We continually look to learn and improve our approach, our technique and our professional services. We relish opportunities to learn and improve; we value additional training and other opportunities to enhance our knowledge.


Day-to-day, you’ll enjoy a bright, open layout, killer views and flexible work arrangements. If you hang out at our office, you know that we feed people, a lot…in celebration, for a successful project, or just for a job well done. We love a chance to hang out with the team, in addition to many parties and events throughout the year.

Our team at JT&P is offered a range of opportunities to improve, with a strong culture of learning instilled in everything we do. We have strong ties to our local community and love getting involved in charities and events.