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We’ve dealt with hundreds of business owners during our time. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many who are overworked, under a lot of stress and not getting the financial reward they should be out of their business. To add to that, many clients have come to us because they just weren’t getting the service they deserve from their past accountant. JT&P is here to change that.

Build a better business

Our advisory services are tailored to you, and we mean it! The advisors at JT&P work hard to help our clients grow their business, improve their productivity and increase their profitability…without the extra stress!

Our committed advisors work with you

The advisors at JT&P are here for you, no matter which stage of the journey you are at. We’ll help you through the challenges that pop up at every stage of the business life cycle. If you want to start a business, grow your company, launch a new product, prepare for exiting or selling a business, we can help. We start by getting to know you and your business, with a simple chat. Once we understand what you’re trying to do, we’ll take a thorough look at your business and let you know what you need to do to get there. We don’t just write down a few suggestions and leave you to it though, we’ll help you implement a strategic plan and continue to support you as your sounding board.

Gain freedom with JT&P

At JT&P, we see your business as a vehicle to reaching your success. All our services and our efforts are focused around helping business owners at every stage of the business life cycle. We aim to take away the stress that comes with running a business, giving you the freedom to focus on what you love.
You tell us where you want to go and we’ll help you get there.

We make accounting easy

At JT&P, we know that running a business can be tough. The stress of dealing with customers, managing staff and warding off the competition all adds up. It’s no wonder most business owners don’t even want to think about accounting and tax! Accounting, tax and finance are the backbone of every successful business, but they’re not tasks that most people enjoy. The team at JT&P is here to help.

How we help

Our mission at JT&P is to help our clients, no matter which stage of the journey they are at. Our specialists have the experience and the expertise to help with cash flow, budgeting, business planning and more. On top of the standard accounting, reporting and financial statement preparation, we also help business owners save money, save time and reach their goals. We take the time to get to know you and your goals and ensure you understand what’s going on in your business by interpreting complex financial reports into plain and simple English. We do all this with the goal to reduce your stress and make running a business simple.

Cash flow

If you run a business, you probably already know the importance of cash flow and just how tight it can feel when the cash flow squeeze hits. We can help you forecast, manage and prepare for difficult cash flow periods with our cash flow service. This includes preparation of cash flow statements, budgets and forecasts. We understand that managing cash flow is an absolutely critical part of every business, no matter the size, industry or type. After all, good cash flow management allows you to pay your staff, purchase supplies and meet your finance requirements. Our team of Melbourne based advisors will help manage the financial side of your business without the stress. Talk to us today to find out how.

Cloud Accounting

You may have heard about cloud accounting by now. The term refers to using accounting software that runs on the “cloud”, or over the internet. It’s the modern way of running your business that lets you access your business information while you’re on the go. As Xero Certified Advisors, we can help you get up and running in no time. Using Xero gives us access to your business data in real time, meaning our advisors can provide you with better, more accurate advice. Our bookkeeping services save you from drowning in piles of paperwork, helping you get back to things you actually enjoy. If you’ve got a question about Xero, please have a chat with us.


Tax…it’s a tiny little word that causes a whole lot of stress. But it’s a part of running a business that we just have to accept. JT&P is here to make tax time as painless as possible. We’ll help you stay on top of all your compliance requirements by handling your tax return preparation and lodgement, no matter the return (company, partnership or trust). We’ll also make sure you get every deduction you’re entitled to, keeping more money in your pocket.

On top of this, we can help you plan for the future with our tax planning services. This helps you maximise your savings and potentially reduce the money you may have to pay in the future.

Gus Svenson

Gus Svenson C.A.

Gus joined JT&P in 2011 and is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a registered tax agent and an ASIC registered company auditor.

Gus is a part of the JT&P Corporate team advising clients on a wide range of taxation and compliance matters. He also has a specialisation in agricultural clients.

Sam Claringbold

Sam Claringbold C.A.

Sam joined as partner of JT&P after 16 years with PwC. He is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and is an ASIC registered company auditor.

Sam is part of Corporate team advising a wide range of businesses including ASX listed companies, multi-nationals and privately owned business.

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